For cubical parts, mass-produced parts and steel constructions which require homogeneous blasting on all sides, this system is the right choice.

The Capri type is a suspension monorail blasting system that comes with a front loading system designed for the automatic blasting of workpieces suspended on hooks. Two independent hangers with turning hooks are attached on a Y-shaped crane rail conveyor in a moveable manner. In order for the individual hangers to be loaded, they can be moved out from the system independently. The hangers can be moved either manually or automatically, depending on the design of the respective plant. This allows the second hanger to be loaded simultaneously with new parts during the blasting process. The parts can be hung up on the appropriate bearings either individually or in bunches until the maximum circumference or the maximum permissible load is reached. The blasting wheels positioned on the sides can be delivered with different performance levels, tailored to the size of the respective plant. An excellent cleaning of the blasting agent in different variants, or even magnet separation, guarantee that the blasting agent is optimally processed.

 Capri 40-90 H22 for containers  Capri 10-14 C  Capri 30-30 CS