The tried and tested principle of cycle type systems distinguishes itself through a flexible system configuration plus a well-engineered system design.

SRC stands for Satellite-Rotary Table-Cycle Machine. The rotary cycle machine shown in the picture with 6 satellites and one rotary turntable diameter of 800 mm with vertical oscillation allows the blasting or deburring of rotationally symmetrical parts up to a height of 500 mm and up to a diameter of 250 mm. The system is controlled  fully electronically and is equipped with several safety devices. The parts can be loaded either manually, by robot or by part manipulator. Blasting is effected fully automatically in accordance with the programmable standards set by the SPS control. It is possible to variably anchor the cycle time of the rotary table, the rotational speed of the satellites as well as the lifting height and speed of the oscillation. Every single nozzle can be switched off and is pressure-adjustable. In the blasting system, different blasting agents can be used. Following the blasting, the parts are cleaned from dust in a separate cleaning lock separated from the blasting room.

Interior view of the blasting chamber. Oscillating and stationary nozzles