Mobile free blasting devices are utilised for structures, such as bridges, steel constructions, in ship building, container construction, on façades as well as in concrete and monument restoration. To ensure their usability in different locations, the blasting devices need to be easy to transport and easy to operate. The blasting devices are designed to guarantee the processability of the greatest possible number of blasting agents. The blasting procedure is started up directly by the operator via a pneumatic or electric safety remote control system. Taking into consideration the existing compressed air quantity of the blasting agent, it is important that a matching blast nozzle be used. In this field, we can offer you a wide range of the most different nozzles. A safety blast helmet, a leather-reinforced blast suit, as well as blast gloves are recommended to be worn by the operator as a protective gear. The breathing air filter with the integrated activated carbon cartridge ensures breathing air free from oil mist, water vapour and dust particles.


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