The RA Series is characterised by premium-quality components. Optimally aligned system components create an optimal tool for subcontractors.

RA blasting cabinets are designed for professional use and are modularly structured. As shown in the chart, you can select from different frame sizes, which can be combined with our proven cleaning system and the matching filter. Depending on the performance required, it is possible to equip the cabinet with an injector system or a pressure blasting system. Consequently, all components can, thanks to the modular design, be replaced or retrofitted at any time, thereby allowing for an optimal adaptation to your product range. The RA cabinets work at low pressure and are hence largely dust-free. The vertically perfused cabinet ensures an excellent view for the operator during the blasting operation. The blasting medium is sucked off from the machine by the air flow and is „forced“ to pass through the purifier. This guarantees an optimal cleaning of the blasting medium and, consequently, a consistent surface quality of your workpieces. The RA module series can be upgraded with various auxiliary components, such as a stationary, retractable or electric rotary table or a rotating basket in different sizes, just to name a few. For long pieces, we can offer sliding hatches in different sizes.

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