Only the best is good enough here. Thanks to high tech materials and special wheel blasting concepts, a service life far beyond 4,000 hours can be achieved even in case of edged blasting media.

It is in the nature of things that wheel blasting systems destroy themselves. Long-known problems in this field are the typical scaling on the blade surface as well as fissures on the winnowing fan (as shown in the pictures below). This leads to a serious change of the blasting result as well as an increased wear of the blasting wheel plating and the blasting cabinet lining. The efficiency loss exceeds 20% and the decrease in intensity can be even as high as 30%. This results in incorrect production processes, machine downtimes and higher maintenance costs.

Special wear parts guarantee your competitive advantage

  • • up to 50 times longer service life * 
    • safe functioning of the blasting system
    • higher durability
    • no change of the surface
    • constant blasting result

  • • reproduceable blasting performance
    • consistent quality
    • lower maintenance costs
    • higher productivity

 *e.g. 5,500 operating hours in case of edged chilled cast iron blasting agents, granulation 0.3–0.6 mm, rigidity > 62 HRC.

 Special blasting wheel with centrifugal force fixation for winnowing fans
Comparison at equal blasting  Accelerator