RAGA conveyor floors distinguish themselves through low design, very simple maintenance and flexible adaptation to the room. 

RAGA conveyor floors particularly distinguish themselves through their consistently thought-out module system, as well as their extremely low design and the reduction of wearing parts to a minimum. Thanks to the integrated pneumatic drive, the floor elements can be integrated very flexibly into almost every building. The conveyor elements are, thanks to their special aluminum fins with integrated rubber lip, suitable for all blasting media. These conveyor slats can be replaced within a few seconds without any tools due to the simple hooking-in system. Rail elements that can be integrated in the conveyor floor without any additional foundations are a further distinctive feature, allowing bearing loads of up to 60 tons as well as variable track widths. 

Sweeping funnel   Sectional conveying  Across the entire surface with lanes  Across the entire surface with tracks

Working stroke with locked aluminum push conveyor slats


During the return stroke, the push conveyor slats slide over the blasting agent



Pneumatic switch box


 Electrical switch box