Dust-free blasting, humid blasting or internal blasting extend the possibilities of professional surface processing.


Humid blasting

Humid blasting devices designed for façades and concrete cleaning can be used in different variations. For simple applications, ring nozzles and nozzle inserts are available for the admixture of water. Special blasting pots for extremely fine blasting media, such as rock powders or soda in combination with high pressure pumps, make professional use possible in building renovation. 


Dust-free blasting

Powerful dust-free blasting devices based on injector or pressure blasting are outstandingly suitable for use in pipeline or container construction. These devices are particularly suitable for the reworking of weld seams or the blasting of repair surfaces. Several combinations with suction devices are possible.

internal pipe blasting

For the blasting of pipes at the inner side, pipe blasting devices have been developed in different versions. Small internal blasting devices with a 360° deflection cone, as well as large internal blasting devices with a rotating nozzle head are available for these applications.  

Injector free blasting

Powerful injector blasting devices, which also feature a convincing quality of workmanship, are available both for DIY and professional use.